(search engine optimasation). It is crucial to make your website visible; people find you – your business flourishes.

We love to know you are among the first.

First in Google

Everyone wants to be first in Google search or other search engines.

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Your business

For example, you sell zombie apocalypse survival kits, so our mission is to make you appear first when someone searches ‘zombie apocalypse survival kits in Valencia’.

Well, it is easy with this specific product but what if your product is shoes, wine or a house? Here we need an expert in search optimization, the one who will make your website visible.
Of course you might think that there are our competitor out there doing SEO as well. Definitely, but, consider the advantage of time; some four months of work and monitoring, and you have your page optimised.

Test us. Not like rabbits, we are against tests on animals. But do try us.

Simple work style

After having a meeting to get to know our client and their product or service, we specify the key words that are going to help get more traffic and involve more target groups, i.e., users of your service.
You will have a monthly report with results and suggestions on how to improve the position of the website and get more visits.


Analysing goals

Diseño páginas web valencia

Starting SEO

Defining goals

Diseño páginas web valencia

Monthly report

Monitoring of website position in SEO searches

If you are looking for a SEO campaign in search engines and you want to appear among the first – or the first – in Google search, contact us.

We will be happy to share our vision and show you what we offer.

Monster Interactive Academy – SEO in Valencia

Our academy

Among many other cool workshops at our academy, we offer training for individuals, professionals and companies teaching them SEO techniques.

Take part in one of our workshops.