The Andreoli Studio

The studio Andreoli was founded in 2004 by Stefano Andreoli (here where the name’s from, obviously). A space of thoughts where you can find a team of creative young people who love small details, efficiency, marketing, languages, design and wine, modern art museums, the Internet, gluten-free food, barbecues, magazines with nice layouts, social networks and Smint candies that you finish eating and use the colourful empty boxes to keep clips.

Moreover, we have a wide net of partners, experts in their field. We know that big grand companies aren’t profitable, not for you, not for us, so we prefer to partner up with the most competent professionals depending on the case and the time. We are not numerous, but we are good at teaming up.

At Andreoli Studio we mainly work with online products and multimedia, but we also do brand development and corporate identity working closely with our favourite partner, Meteorito Studio.

Estudio Andreoli™, marketing online, diseño páginas web, formación
Estudio Andreoli™, marketing online, diseño páginas web, formación

Our “headquarters”

We are based in the heart of the city. In Valencia. Right in front of one of the most popular supermarket chains, a multiplex cinema and a best-known department store chain. At the corner of the street that takes to our office, you can find that shop with the most recognisable logo of a bitten apple. And if you continue walking up the street to the opposite end, you will get to the place where they do the Mascletá during Fallas.  

Even though we are a local Valencian agency, we have international partners and customers, from, for example, Italy, France and Switzerland. And yay, let’s watch Eurovision together! Royaume-Uni deux points.


Would you like to look at what we do for other advertising agencies and see if you want to give us a try?

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